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Jody Lloyd

forming dark tower while still in high school, jody lloyd came from a very musical family. sister demarnia was already setting the seeds of her career in dunedin popsters mink when the young lloyd (son of david lloyd, a respected cantabrian folk musician) released the ‘zeal man’ with his dark tower partner eli ‘the eel’ foley. zealman was an absolute smash, a terrific rap based around new zealand references and in-jokes, showing fierce kiwi pride, the site of which had never been seen before in new zealand hip-hop.
in 1998 jody released a collection of trip-hop flavoured collaborations as shadows on the flatland to unanimous acclaim. a tempered journey of an album, it sounds like a soundtrack to the canterbury countryside and features contrbutions by a large number of the regions residents, including the lloyd family and james taylor.
in 2003 lloyd again surfaced as a solo musician – now recording as trillion, the more electronically produced and independently recorded and released at a lucid end has so far gone unannounced.
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