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Dark Tower


Popular Hip-hop duo coming out of Opawa, Christchurch.

Jody ‘The Earl’ Lloyd and Eli ‘The Eel’ Foley started performing together while still in high school, and with the help of brilliant debut video, the duo became something of a cult of personality with the ethos of the single ‘Zeal Man‘.

Celebrating all that is Kiwi, the dark tower boys were shunned by the New Zealand hip hop scene, but loved by their Christchurch audiences.

Unfortunately it took the better part of a decade for them to release their debut, the underwhelming (yet appropriately named) ‘Canterbury Drafts‘, which featured cameos from Christchurch compatriots Lindon Puffin and Jody’s folk-musician father David Lloyd.

More a problem with over production (the album was prepared, remixed and rerecorded many times before its eventual release) than a lack of good songs, the Dark Tower boys we’re now however playing to a national audience thanks to the success of their daft ‘Baggy Trousers’ EP (which featured one-time member Jamie Greenslade), and with its release Lloyd went back into the studio to concentrate on his own solo material, now being released as Trillion.



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