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The most prolific recording alias of Dark Tower member Jody Lloyd, who has been releasing material under the alias since the excellent Shadows on a Flat Land album in 1998. In 2003, Jody started performing his solo material (and even the odd Dark Tower hit) with a newly formed 5-piece band, dubbed the Trillion Band.

Lloyd had previously formed Dark Tower in Christchurch way back in 1993. Originally a 2-piece rap-crew (alongside fellow vocalist Eli Foley), the duo had considereable success with their Genuine Kiwi Accent Hip-Hop and heavy Kiwiana themes in their original material.

Lloyd started producing his own material as Trillion in 1997, and formed She’ll Be Right records the following year. She’ll Be Right proudly bill themselves as “New Zealand’s only dedicated natural accent focused recording label”, and have a recording roster that includes Billy Wilson, Duff, Lindon Puffin, Jeremy Taylor, St Lucy, Bazuki Joe, Ragamuffin Children, Mustard, Delaney Davison, Tono, John White, Phil Johns, Andy Gibson and Lloyd’s own outfits Dark Tower, Trillion and The Trillion Band. The label is also responsible for publishing the Christchurch-based Catalyst Poetry books (under the Neoismist Press inprint), which have been in print since 2003.

After relocating to Melbourne in 2009, Lloyd (who had performed several times in Melbourne with The Trillion Band) joined local group Pataphysics, but continued producing Trillion albums and music videos.

Musically Lloyd mixes roots music (Country, Folk, Bluegrass) with Hip-Hop and Electronic downbeat elements. After establishing himself with a strong Kiwiana vibe on early releases, his lyrics and topics have become more and more political – even releasing a handful of topical music videos that show his strong political ideas. Lloyd is an excellent producer and has created a huge catalogue of collaborations, compilation albums, remixes and other releases. His website ( is a terrific archive of all things related to Trillion and the She’ll Be Right label.


  • Shadows on a Flat Land [1998 She’ll Be Right]
  • Trillion Presents: FRESH Jams [2002 She’ll Be Right]
  • At A Lucid End [2003 She’ll Be Right]
  • This World And The Sadvipra Diversion [June 2004 She’ll Be Right]
  • The Gray Between Shadow and Shade [Sept 2005 She’ll Be Right]
  • Rusty Springs EP (As Trillion and the Incredible Braking Wheel) [2007 She’ll Be Right]
  • Audio Agriculture in the 21st Century (Remix Album) [2008 She’ll Be Right]
  • SILENTinvisible [2008 She’ll Be Right]
  • Loops of Love [2009 She’ll Be Right]
  • Everything Is Under Control [May 2010 She’ll Be Right]
  • Starve the System EP [Dec 2010 She’ll Be Right]
  • Sky Is Falling Park 1 (Instrumental) [Jan 2011 She’ll Be Right]
  • Sky Is Falling Park 2 (Instrumental) [June 2011 She’ll Be Right]
  • Sly Circus and the Grotty Plot EP [July 2011 She’ll Be Right]
  • Sky Is Falling Park 3 (Instrumental) [Dec 2011 She’ll Be Right]
  • 2012 Get A Job [with Lewka March 2012 She’ll Be Right]


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