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Manic Christchurch outfit based around the extreme bass guitar talents of Ari Freeman, with drumming by Andrew Robins, piccolo bass by Andrew Moore and the junk percussion of Mike Fordham (original member Adrian Currie moved to Wellington in 2002).

After playing around Christchurch for over a year (and finishing in the top 4 of the Dux de Lux‘s annual band competition), they released their self-recorded debut EP ‘Delusion‘ independently.

Their music was a mixture of funk and hard-core (like a souped-up, wild version of Can), the aforementioned junk percussion, absurdist lyrics and over-the-top instrumentation and showmanship.

Freeman would go on to form to perform in a solo capacity as The Blues Professor, and form groups Lupus Lunar, Fools Know More and Rhomboid.

Since 2014 Freeman has been serving as the apprentice Wizard – the intent being that he will eventually replace the current Wizard of Christchurch once he retires. In 2023 he is releasing his first book – ‘Pragmatic Magical Thinking: Real Magic Explained’.



  • Delusion EP (2003, self-released)


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