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Jim Laing’s post-Jean-Paul Sartre Experience band featuring a line-up chock-full of Flying Nun compatriots – Robert Key (Expendables, Sombretones), Noel Ward (Strangeloves), and Tony de Raad (Hallelujah Picassos) – all of whom were members of David Kilgour’s Heavy Eights.

Shiny pop with slinky melody’s and nice guitar work. They showed a lot of promise on their debut LP ‘Wait’, released on Ben Howe’s then-fledgling Arch Hill Recordings label.

Laing was one of JPSE’s 3 song-writers and was known for particularly evocative, emotional music (such as ‘The Grey Parade’), this strength is particularly evident on Lanky’s most well-known tune – “Under the Pines“:

Jim Laing passed away in April 2016.




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