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Lesley Speaker


Lesley Speaker was a Dunedin trio fronted by Kitset‘s Peter Hobbs, putting out a 7″ lathe cut single and a CDr EP on the Beat Atlas label in 1998. Hobbs went on to become a movie soundtrack composer and studio engineer.

Peter Hobbs is a composer, musician and producer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He creates evocative soundtracks for feature films, documentaries, experiential installations and contemporary dance shows for which he has collected many New Zealand and international awards. In his formative years, he played in Dunedin bands Lesley Speaker and Kitset, before heading off to war-torn Bosnia to set up a recording studio and run youth music workshops. He recently completed a Masters in Environmental Sound Art and is exploring the intersection of natural sounds and synthesis.

SOUNZ Biography of Peter Hobbs


  • Peter Hobbs (Kitset, Lost Demos, guitar / vocals)
  • Steve Best (bass)
  • Piers Graham (Age Of Dog, Dating Godot, Deja Voodoo, Swarm, Eve, Das Phaedrus, drums)



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