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Naked Spots Dance


Early 80s Wellington post-punk outfit in the style of the Au Pairs, with long-standing members Kate Walker and Stephen Norris, plus a rotating cast of drummers and vocalists, including well-known Actor/Comedian Jennifer Ward-Leland and future Oscar winner Fran Walsh.

Naked Spots Dance were described as being the most notably ambitious of the ragged Wellington punks at the turn of the 1980’s and would go on to release 2 EPs and an album, plus contribute a handful of songs to the excellent, much-sought-after 4 stars compilation on Sausage records.

Kate Walker:

‘New’ is about the early white settlers, colonials who round a bay to see what they think is new land, but its really old land that had been settled a long time ago. Then its about the conflict leading into the breakdown with the tape coming in with it’s crashy, city noises.

The ‘New’ EP is excellent, a very jagged and fragmented take on post-punk where the guitar floats in and out of thick bass grooves, and at times threatens to explode – later culminating in an almost-psychedelic styled breakdown at the end of the EP.

The group left behind an unreleased album, recorded in late 1983 at Marmalade Studios when they split in early 1984.


  • Kate Walker (bass)
  • Stephen Norris (guitar / vocals)
  • Jeff Smith (drums)
  • Jennifer Ward Leland (vocals)
  • Phil Harfield (drums)
  • Matthew Fisher (The Preservatives, drums)
  • Katherine McRae (vocals)
  • Frances Walsh (vocals)



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