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Discography Good Demons Ep [Live Recording 1987 Out Of Order Pra2397] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Nova Echo

Auckland based post-punk outfit. After the group dissolved in 2005, 4 of their original members reconvened with guitarist Nick Johnstone now on vocals to become shaky hands, who eventually changed their name to Cut off Your Hands… Discography picks in… Read More »Nova Echo

The Narcs

Gareth Sincock, Tony Waine, Bob Ogilvie, Andy Dickson, Steve Clarkson And Liam Ryan. Hugely Popular (Locally, They Never Tasted Overseas Success) Pop Outfit From The 80s That Tread The M.O.R. Line, Even Touring With One-Hit Wonders Coconut Rough. Discography The… Read More »The Narcs


Hamilton-Based Guitar Outfit Comprised Of Cameron And Alasdair Hay, Nick Feisst And Tuhua Mutu. Their Self-Titled Debut Varies Between Vocal Pop-Rock Material (With Feisst Taking Up Vocal Roles) And Predominently Instrumental Wall-Of-Guitar Type Stuff. Discography Title Format [June 2011 self-released] Links… Read More »Nimbus

No Idea

James, Red And Nigel. Discography Wotsoever [1985? Twisted Tapes] Class War Ep [1986?] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Ground Breaking Christchurch Exponents Of Melodic Tinged Rock, Sort Of New Wave For The Time (1981-3). The Newtones Featured Tony Peak On Guitar And Vocals, Mark Brooks On Bass And Vocals And Graeme Van Der Colk On Drums, Replaced By… Read More »Newtones

Nothing At All

Featuring a young Dion Palmer on bass (who went on to form the d4 with Jimmy Christmas), along with a couple guys named Tony Brockwell and Paul Foster, making loud, obnoxious rock’n’roll roll with a bit of a punk leaning.… Read More »Nothing At All

Night Of Flies

Auckland Metal With A Home-Brewed Independent Release. Led By Vocalist Myk. Discography Assassin Of Youth [2004 Stupid Done Death Music] Links BandCamp Page Photo’s on Flickr

No Tag

Andrew Boake, Mark, Carl And Paul. Discography Can We Get Away With It? [Live Recording 1983 Propeller Rev208] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

National Anthem

Anthony Johns, Craig Smith, Michael Harrolambi, Mike Chunn, Dave Major, Steve Garden And With Guest Appearances From The Newton Hoons Horn Section. Discography One Day Different [1986 Reaction Real035] 4 Good Reasons Ep [1987 Reaction] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s… Read More »National Anthem

Stefan Neville

Stefan Neville, The Man Behind Pumice And Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings Released An Unusually Titled Cd-R Under His Own Name In 2003. – You’re not welcome cd-r Stefan Neville is the incredibly talented musician behind Pumice, as well as… Read More »Stefan Neville