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Number Nine

Cynthia, Dean, Scott and Kevin. Discography nowhere fast [1987] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Singer Janina Nicoll And Cellist Francesca Mountfort As Well As Mestar’s John White And Janina’s Brother Stevie Starr. Who Plays The Theremin Or Air Synthesizer. Subjects Include Politics, Palestinian-Israeli Conflicts, God, Feminism, Sex, And An Endearing College Stalker By The… Read More »Naiina


The solo project of krkrkrk contributor (and member of TMA-1) J-MZ (aka James) Robinson, putting together influences from early 80’s punk/new wave and electro-industrial music. Robinson’s live performance includes a mix of electronics, keyboards, tape manipulation and textured guitar –… Read More »NoTV

The Nudie Suits

Quirky whimsical 3-piece based around one-man studio mark lyons, along with cohorts dionne and tam taylor. haphazardly recorded during the late 90s and early 00s, and then finally released in 2003, the thoroughly involving songbook debut was created using simple… Read More »The Nudie Suits

The Newmatics

Mark Clare, Simon Clark, Brent Pasley, Dick Reed, Kelly Rogers, Jeff Smith, Ben Staples, Chris Watts. Discography Links BandCamp Page Facebook Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Nesian Mystik

Auckland Pop-Outfit With R’N’B, Reggae And Hip-Hop Overtones And A Thoroughly Laid-Back, Grandma Friendly Style. Nesian Mystik Will Forever Be Known (Along With Elemeno P) For Their Overwhelming Ties To Coca-Cola, Not To Mention The Massive Over-Exposure That Led To.… Read More »Nesian Mystik

Neil Robinson

Biography Neil Robinson was formed in March of 2006 by Chris Young (The Insurgents),  Josh Black (The Blow Charlie) and Hayden Williams (Hype!) – all 3 known within the Christchurch All-Ages music scene thanks to their previous groups. The band… Read More »Neil Robinson


Simon Darke, Alan Cattermole, Tony Rabbett, Phil Jones, Brad Coates, Brian Colechin. Discography Heard The Newz [1980 Music World Mufp525] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Nouveau Riche

4-piece Wellington-based indie-rockers – Shannon Mathew (songwriter / lead vocalist / guitar), Jeremy Cullen (backing vocals / guitar / keys), Greg Pawsey (bass) and Ben Cole (drums). Formed in 1999. Discography The Sound of Nouveau Riche [2004 self-released] Links BandCamp… Read More »Nouveau Riche

The New Originals

Excellently Named (Obviously This Is Spinal Tap Fans..) Co-Ed 5-Piece From Christchurch Who Have Emerged In The Mid 00s As A Diverse And Professional Pop-Rock Outfit – A Refershing Change From The Sea Of Rock-Sters. Led By Current Mayoral Son… Read More »The New Originals


‘Not The Black Metal Band’ – But Rather The First Band Released On The Small Headshy Lathe-Cut Label. Discography Four Steps To Successful Kite Flying 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [Headshy Hs001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Not So Experimental

Young and exciting screamo-pop from Christchurch, have their foot in the door with the local all-age scene and with a little exposure (recent low hum tours) could make themselves a popular r18 favorite too. A technically proficient 4-piece featuring the… Read More »Not So Experimental


Discography Demono Ep [1991 Ima Hitt Hitt Me 22x] 7 Inchs Of Evil Lathe-Cut 7″ [Self-Released] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr