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Negative Eh


Hamilton trio making lo-fi psychedelic and experimental noise. The group released a flurry of lathe cut releases in the late 90’s before resurfacing in Wellington as the Electronic / Abstract / Experimental / Jazz outfit Nova Scotia.

 “Wellington trio Negative Eh embark on a voyage over gentle waves of feedback, sailing on a fair easterly drumbeat, encountering remote islands of fuzz.”

Oceanography review by Paul Hirst from the Headshy website

“Latest installment from this trio sees them evolving into free-psyche territory on this limited lathe-cut release. Newest in a continuous line of NZ bands who may be the best in the world?”

‘Where Ghosts Go To Die’ review on the Insample website



  • What The Fuck Is Fahrenheit Lathe-Cut (1997, Posterity Wall)
  • Hotel/Motel Lathe-Cut (1998, Self-Released)
  • Where Ghosts go to Die 7″ single (1998, Blue Silver Records)
  • Oceanography 8″ Lathe-Cut EP (1999, Headshy, HS006)


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