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Downbeat chiptune’s from ex-Christchurch resident Jos van Beek, currently residing in Auckland. Jos has been pretty heavily involved in making Chiptune music more visible in New Zealand (particularly Christchurch), playing a renegade slot at Camp A Low Hum, supporting touring Chiptune artists like cTrix and collaborating with Bang! Bang! Eche! vocalist Zach Donney.

2011 was particularly productive, with his debut self-titled EP, the single ‘Door to Door’ and 2nd EP ‘he lives forever so that we may sing’ (released by net-label ‘pxl-bot’) all appearing in quick succession.


  • Fauxhound [June 2011 self-released]
  • Door to Door single [September 2011 self-released]
  • He lives forever so that we may sing [November 2011 pxl-bot]
  • Now that’s what I call Sea-Punk [compilation, 2012]
  • Weekly Treats [compilation, 2013, pxl-bot]
  • The Anti-Chiptune Chiptunes [compilation, 2014, The Waveform Generators]


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