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Feast of Frogs

a short-lived bill direen project. Discography picks in bold feast of frogs ep [1983 prototype publications PR2025]


Biography Ben Howe formed Fang after Superette broke up while simultaneously recording material with fellow Superette chum Greta Anderson (as Ben and Greta). An eclectic 3-piece with songs from all three members; Howe, kiwi music veteran Sonya Waters and Andrea Holmes.… Read More »Fang

The Feds

shamelessly dirty rawk’n’roll from auckland city, with a debut ep on powertool records. Discography picks in bold riding lo’ ep [2003 powertool records PT006]

Flip Grater

Formerly Christchurch and now Auckland-based singer-songwriter with an Indie-Country feeling to her songs. Flip reached a greater level of exposure with the release of her own cookbook, which consisted of many vegetarian meals, and which she toured around New Zealand… Read More »Flip Grater