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Francis Sect

ultra obscure band i know nothing about except for their sole album release and a track featured ont he pagan records ‘spins and needles’ compilation. Discography picks in bold son [1989 oberon records OB001]


chris knox recorded friend as a project work – an experiment in digital technology using pro-tools in his own home studio setup. fairly abstract, electronic and fractured; its a huge departure from his analog recordings, and is a difficult first… Read More »Friend


christchurch rock w/ simon crocket who started off as drummer for loves ugly children, went on to play in chch bands such as trawler, and ingrid who was also in m’juica. simon crocket, ingrid martini, darryl kirk (the ‘3’ in… Read More »Fuel3

Richard Francis

known primarily for his work as eso steel, or as part of small blue torch, richard francis is an experimental underground musician of rising repute. with a knack for digitally altered drones, and found sound (along the line of electrical… Read More »Richard Francis

Freed Unit

Discography picks in bold field reports from out there lathe-cut [self-released] the masonic youth triangular 8″ lathe-cut ep [out there ott05] six sided ep: the gigglegoo companion square 8″ lathe-cut ep [out there ott06]

The Futurians!

whacked-out and crazy dunedin punk band based around beth duckling and the highly prolific clayton noone: beth/duckling was looking for a new band so she hooked up with kraus. they had both been in the band the murdering monsters, and… Read More »The Futurians!


Biography Early Flying Nun Records band who’s sole (commercial) release was a split EP with 8 Living Legs that had major production issues (the Australian printing press accidentally dropped the first song! – as documented in Matthew Bannisters’ Positively George… Read More »Flak


justin mclean, ben grant, cliff brough and greg cain. their contribution to the dunedin yellow-eye sampler out of the yellow-eye and debut lp were very well-received, but they’ve since disappeared off the map. Discography picks in bold out of the… Read More »Funhouse

Freudian Slips

Biography all girl post-punk outfit very reminiscent of the excellent au pairs. airy keyboards and sparse use of some nicely angular guitar make both ep’s worthy pick-ups – and they’re usually pretty easy to find (in n.z., that is). Members… Read More »Freudian Slips

Freak Power

paul snake, shirley charles, mark jones, jules barnett and the ever-popular lance strickland. not the one-hit wonder u.k. band. Discography picks in bold sleazed 10″ ep [1991 wildside L20096]

Flash Harry

the solo project of black seeds front-man barnaby weir. weir released a self-titled album under the flash harry moniker in 2003; with production from electronic artist 50hz, flash harry takes in various different styles from electronic through reggae to lo-fi.… Read More »Flash Harry

The Fanatics

two piece electro-punk outfit from auckland comprised of david green (electronics / vocals) and tom clark (guitar / backing vocals). quickly established quite a bit of a following through-out late 2003 and 2004 with their disjointed sound and scattered, aggressive… Read More »The Fanatics


independent wellington hip-hop crew with a big name and strong connections to the current stream of chart-toppers (such as scribe etc) pushed along by production-whizz (and new zealand hip-hop long-stayer) dj raw. led by head-mc kos 163, footsouljahs have been… Read More »Footsouljahs

4 Man Bob

6-piece ska band from Christchurch formed in 2001. Nolan Hungerford (Guitar/Vox), Aaron Chandler (Trombone), Joshua Hughes (Trumpet), Brendon Grant (Guitar/Vox), Chris Head (Drums) and Malisa Palalagi (Bass – though i think she may have been replaced). Played a number of… Read More »4 Man Bob

The Front Lawn

somewhere between a band and a performance troup..well closer to the later, really – they released their albums as ‘songs from the front lawn..’ to indicate they were more soundtracks than albums, though both featured the odd sparkling quirky pop… Read More »The Front Lawn