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Early Flying Nun Records band who’s sole (commercial) release was a split EP with 8 Living Legs that had major production issues (the Australian printing press accidentally dropped the first song! – as documented in Matthew Bannisters’ Positively George Street).

Flak also released a cassette on Paul Lurkers Industrial Tapes home-taping label. The duo of Jansen and Webster (who had previously been in North Shore group The Bombers) moved to Amsterdam and formed If.

Jansen eventually resurfaced in Teeth and Queen Meanie Puss.


  • Dieneke Jansen (Guitar/Vocals, 1983 – 1984)
  • Mark Webster (Bass/Vocals, 1983 – 1984)
  • Larry de Zoete (Drums, 1983 – 1984)


  • Emigration EP (1983 w/ 8 Living Legs, Flying Nun Records Records, FLEG001)
  • Monitor Cassette (1983, Industrial Tapes, IND006)


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