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former mockers front-man andrew fagan’s name-piece after the demise of his signature band. released an album and an ep before fagan moved to london. Discography picks in bold jerusalem ep [live recording 1993 epic] blisters [1993 epic 473896.2]


Discography picks in bold split lathe-cut [w/ armpit root don lonie for cash rdj073] mother of milk cd-r [root don lonie for cash rdj079]

Fat Freddys Drop

wellington dub/soul/funk outfit based around dj mu’s distinct live electronics (handling the rythm) and sporting one of the best horn sections this country has even seen (or heard), fat freddy’s drop formed as a live improvisational group, trading members with… Read More »Fat Freddys Drop

Fats White

eclectic powertool records outfit with an affinity for unusual instruments: ‘carpenters saws, a largerphone, made up entirely from recycled bottletops – washboards, horns whistles, jew harp’. released their debut in 2005 whilst appearing on a couple of powertool records’ live… Read More »Fats White


in 1995, new zealand luminaries neil and tim finn (of crowded house and split enz fame) toured new zealand as the brothers finn, releasing a hugely popular album and follow-up ep, showcasing the brothers huge popularity. this effectively jump-started neil… Read More »Finn

Foamy Ed

forming in 1996, foamy ed are an all-girl pop-punk band comprised of aimee banks, lani perkis, fleur parker and katherine millar – based out of auckland. they’ve released a couple of eps and had the odd high-profile support slot –… Read More »Foamy Ed


christchurch angst rockers. scott mason, greg hillier, david bergman, jol mulholland (aka gasoline cowboy). Discography picks in bold peacekeeper ep [2001]

55 Polish Workers

Discography 55/3 Polish Workers Cassette [1984 Industrial Tapes Industrial008] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

The Feelups

Biography Short-lived 3-piece garage-rock group comprised of Palace of Wisdom and Ruling Elite duo Andrew ‘Ox’ O’Connell (vocals) and Chris Andrews (stand-up drums) along with The Convics’ Connie Benson (guitar). Made their debut in June 2017 with a short set at… Read More »The Feelups

From Scratch

successful improvised percussionary troupe based around phil dadson (who had played with scratch orchestra in the uk in the late 1960s), formed in auckland in 1974. over the last 3 decades the troop has had various different line-ups – even… Read More »From Scratch

Ben Fulton

an acoustic singer-songwriter solo artists from the hawkes bay (now based in wellington) with connections to monkey records (an emerging ambient and electronic label with several releases from key members of the mink / cloudboy collective). fultons’ debut featured brother… Read More »Ben Fulton


joed-out folk, pop and ambient handiman ben barrett in a solo capacity, with contributions on his blind photos.. album from fellow joed-out members andrew maitai and matt backhouse. Discography picks in bold be fine ep [2000 powertool records PT000] blind… Read More »Feyodor

Flesh D-Vice

second generation auckland punk outfit featuring gerald dwyer, eugene pope, dwayne ray and brent jenkins. they still manage to tour and have put out quite a few releases over their 20 year career – though they’ve always been known as… Read More »Flesh D-Vice