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Fuzzy Fuzzmin


Twee acoustic folk-pop formed at Burnside High School in 2008. Inspired by seeing well-known Christchurch folkie Flip Grater play an all-ages show at Lyttelton’s historic (and sorely missed) Harbour Light theatre.

Fuzzy Fuzzmin” came from these weird giant sherbet tubes they used to sell at the Night And Day on Cashel Street, where I used to buy bottles of wine using the driver’s license of my older brother’s girlfriend’s, who looked absolutely nothing like me. It was like a one-metre-long clear plastic tube and you filled it up from a machine with flavoured sherbet of your choosing. It was called something stupid like Fizzy Fizz Fizztacular but we could never remember the actual name, so we called it Fuzzy Fuzzmin. We’d buy one of those and a couple of bottles of cheap sav and wander down to whatever house party we could scab an invite to cause we were 16 and couldn’t go to actual venues haha.

Georgia Munn

Though initially playing covers, the 4 friends started writing songs and performing where ever they could, as a way of having a fun time hanging out – this included a number of shows under the Red Panda all-ages umbrella, plus the likes of the 2009 Lyfe Festival in Linwood Park.

2008 and 2009 were fruitful years, with the group writing songs and recording an EP – assisted by Jonathan Phillips of Mount Pleasant. The result was the hand-made ‘High Stepping Horses’ EP.

I had this little notebook where I’d write all my sad poems and stuff, and every few weeks I’d give it to Steven and he’d turn them into songs like magic. I remember Steven and Bryn setting The Song of the Ent Wives to music, I still remember that whole song.

Georgia Munn

The group came to an end in mid 2009 – though Munn and Park continued writing and performing together as the new duo 0.00 Horses.



  • High Stepping Horses (2009, self-released)


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