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A ‘dirty Palmy low-fi punk sludge band’ from the ever-talented Ross Harkness and a crew of The Stomach regulars. Released the majority of their material on their own DIY cassette and lathe cut imprint Lizard Mull Records. Their recordings have an endearing shambolic nature and some blistering guitar:

Foisemaster – Geriatric Lovers (from the 1994 7″ EP ‘Bad Offal Vegan King’)

Foisemaster was active from the mid to late 1990s – formed by Harkness, who was a well-loved character in Palmerston North music circles. He hosted the ‘Hit’s and Myths’ radio show on Manawatu People’s Radio and was known as a warm, intelligent person with a depth of knowledge about all kinds of music.

Appeared on ‘Swamp MUSAK’, a compilation of local groups compiled and distributed by Radio Control 99.4 (Massey University’s student radio station):

Live video of Foisemaster playing at Mushroom Ball ’98

Zane Hookham passed away in 2017 and Ross Harkness passed away in May 2020.




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