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Fetus Productions


Bizarre but often highly melodic experimental group, one of the first New Zealand outfits to incorporate multimedia elements into their shows and actually classified themselves as a production, creating art shows and (eventually) computer based presentation that encompassed both visual and audible elements.

Their music was a form of synth-inflected industrial, with moody vocals and unusual lyrics.
Originally formed as the duo of Jed Town and Sarah Fort, Town’s ex-Features bandmates Mike Brookfield and James Pinker joined in time to initiate the first album.

What gets me, aside from the typically dark sound characteristic of Fetus Productions, the “sampled” voices from medical surgeries and horror films (before samplers existed), the synths, the effects, the beautifully twisted guitars is the technical and technological sophistication of the music in general.

It blows me away that this was recorded in 1981. It sounds SOOOO advanced and very hi-tech. It came well, well, well ahead of the Aphex Twin and light-years ahead of similar, yet, less original music from the early ’90s.

I’m stunned by what I hear and can’t help but listen to what has been created. This stuff is ground-breaking, unique and incredibly pure and original. I really don’t think I can say I’ve heard anything like it….

Discogs review of ‘Fetus Product


  • Jed Town (Superettes, The Features, ICU, guitar, vocals, synths)
  • Sarah Fort (synths, vocals)
  • Mike Brookfield (synths, tape, bass)
  • James Pinker (Superettes, The Features, Dead Can Dance, Jesus and Mary Chain, drums, synths)
  • John Kuipers
  • Mark Sullivan
  • Chris Pinker
  • Duane Yule (bass, synths)
  • Debberly Roy (Birds Nest Roys, bass)
  • Greg McCunn (drums)
  • Ian Gilroy (drums)
  • Geoff Martin (guitar)
  • Jimmy Joy (synths)
  • Richard von Sturmer (vocals)
  • Polar Castronova
  • Patrick Waller (cello)


  • Fetus Product (1981, Fetus Productions, YPRX1908)
  • Self Manipulation (1982, Last Laugh Studios)
  • Fetalmania 12″ EP (1982, Flying Nun Records, F.PRO 999)
  • Perfect Product cassette compilation (1983, Japanese release)
  • Environmental (1984, Fetus Productions, FOETUS-4)
  • Perfect Product / Flicker 12″ EP (1985, Flying Nun Records, PROD1)
  • Luminious Trails (1985, Flying Nun Records, PROD331)
  • Intensive Care Unit Vinyl Boxset (1989, Q.D.K. Media, BOX001)
  • Reproductions compilation (2002, Antenna Recordings, ANT033)
  • Fetus ReProductions compilation CDr (2008, Sawtooth Recordings)


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