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Five Year Mission

Napier-based old school punk band that split a record label and an EP with Auckland group Armatrak in 1986. The group prepared a 4 song EP but lost the masters of 2 of the songs, so instead released the two song ‘UFO‘ (written about the infamous Kaikoura Lights) as a single.

The Kaikoura “U.F.O.s” were also the subject of the A-side of a single released by Napier band Five Year Mission in 1985. This outfit were as influenced by Sci-Fi TV as they were by punk and sometimes played live in Star Trek uniforms.

Like an illuminated ping-pong ball, that’s the only way I can describe it (Counting the Beat)

While these two songs at times seem to lack cohesiveness, there is an infectious quality that makes up for it. Make no mistake—these are basically medium-tempo, older-style punk with a real garage feel and not “pro“-type HC at all, but the tunes and singing stick with you.

UFO review (Maximumrocknroll)

The group featured in a number of local punk fanzine’s at the time – as detailed by Andrew Schmidt in this article for AudioCulture.


  • Brian
  • Des Hunt (drums)



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