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Muzai Records


Auckland-based independent label formed by Martin Phillips and Benjii Jackson in 2009, with Michael McClelland (previously a writer for The Corner, but that site appears to be AI generated spam now) and Maeve Munro, completing the team.

With a focus on youthful groups and a D.I.Y. ethic, their albums are distributed NZ-wide by RhythmMethod, and the label favors on-line releases through the likes of SoundCloud / BandCamp etc.

The label made a splash in their early days by releasing a series of compilations that featuring primarily ‘All-Ages’ groups, i.e. those under NZ’s legal drinking age – the most visible being Bandicoot and Kitsunegari. More recently, Benji Jackson had a public fall-out with previous label group Sherpa, with the group pulling out before the release of their debut album.

Jackson announced he was taking a break from running the label site as of July 2023.

Label Roster

    Compilation Discography

    • Fuck These Bands (2009)
    • Fuck These Bands Too (August 2009)
    • Fuck These Bands III (2011)

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