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Zen Mantra

Live: Shacklock Meth Party Release Party

Flashback to August 26th, 2012. Photos from an All Plastics house party, celebrating the release of Shacklock Meth Party’s album with Zen Mantra, Ipswich, Anthony Drent and Raygun.

Rhett has since deleted most evidence of the band (and all his other bands) from the web, so it’s a bit of a blind alley.

Cool photos though.

Muzai Records

Auckland-based independent label formed by Martin Phillips and Benjii Jackson in 2009, with Michael McClelland (previously a writer for The Corner, but that site appears to be AI generated spam now) and Maeve Munro, completing the team.

All Plastics

A former plastic manufacturing business located in industrial Philipstown, All Plastics was originally leased by Nick O’Keefe of The Undercurrents some time in the 2000’s. O’Keefe, along with his band members (which included local sound-men Marcus Winstanley and Mikey Summerfield, plus Phantom Billstickers’ Jamey Holloway) began using the site as a recording studio and practice space.

Several house-party type shows were put on both inside and outside the studio space, before the last occupant (Rhett Copland of Doctors etc) left around 2013.

Flying Nun Records

The independent label that put New Zealand Music on the map. From Roger Shephard’s formation of the label in 1980 through to now, Flying Nun has been a mark of creative, quirky, inventive music with a distinct kiwi flavor.