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Record Labels


Not-quite defunct label based out of an Auckland record store that put out several limited edition underground releases in the 90s and early 00s. One compilation of this material (Fit for Kings) was actually issued on well-known US indie Drunken Fish.

Since the closure of the Crawlspace record store, Crawlspace have been limited to short one-off 7″ releases and casually distribution through mail-order and the K-road market. Truly worth visiting, the market is the place to go to find one-off Snapper and Victor Dimisich Band 7″s, and a variety of abstract low run vinyl releases and even imports.

High Tension House

Biography Hamish Noonan’s underground and experimental tape (and the occasional lathe-cut 7″) label from the late 90’s that featured projects from the likes of Nick Hodgson (as a member of Montessori), Charles Horn, (the late) Richard Neave and other Post-Corpus… Read More »High Tension House


underground experimental label run by antony milton and featuring an ever-growing array of new zealand and international artists in (mostly) cd-r and 3″ cd-r form. a lowtides rising was compiled as a compilation of new zealand acoustic music – though… Read More »Pseudoarcana

Fast Food

auckland rock’n’roll label and revivalist restocker. lots of top notch kiwi rock from the past 50 years, mostly with a harder, ‘real’ and underground feel.compilation discographypicks in bold christmas on the rock [2003 FFCD-001] rock’n’roll is my only salvation [2004… Read More »Fast Food

Hip Singles

dick drivers hip singles comprised of driver on vocals, murray couling, rob guy, martin morris and steve ward. Discography picks in bold ‘this is goodbye’/’after the part’ 7″ single [hip singles] rn play up [1983 hip singles HITD006]


Tiny Christchurch-based label initiated by Campbell McLay, that put out cassette (and some vinyl) releases from the likes of the Bottletops and the Riptoids, and continues to release Ritchie Venus’s many cdr releases (Venus aka Michael Braithwaite is involved in… Read More »Onset/Offset

Corpus Hermeticum

bruce russell’s (of the dead c, gate et al) lyttleton based label, putting out limited edition, gate-fold cds for a number of bands both nz and overseas, to a primarily overseas market. their contact point and available discography is documented… Read More »Corpus Hermeticum


elevenfiftyseven are a new start-up auckland-based independent label focused on hard-core and punk outfits. starting with popular underground hard-core outfit balance, elevenfiftyseven have carved quite a name for themselves in a niche market, with releases following from dsm, missing teeth,… Read More »Elevenfiftyseven

Yellow Eye

Small Dunedin based label that put out the excellent 3-disc ‘But I can Write Songs Okay..’ anthology of Dunedin music, dating back to the late 50s. Formed by Simon Vare and Steve Cournane to release Dunedin Pop and Jazz, they… Read More »Yellow Eye


the new zealand-based home (they have an l.a. based american subsidiary) of the hugely popular eight foot sativa, along with mama said and kosha, intergalactic records have released two compilations of new zealand metal.compilation discographypicks in bold the first friday… Read More »Intergalactic


Tiny Auckland based soul, funk and world music label, releasing a couple of compilations from a vast, eclectic assortment of New Zealand acts (both English and Polynesian language. Compilation Discography Picks in Bold Styles Upon Styles 1: Urban Soul Pollination… Read More »Sugarlicks

Ima Hitt

new plymouth d.i.y. tape label from the early-mid 1980s who put out some pretty obscure compilations and releases from the likes of otis mace, kiwi animal and thskeptics.compilation discographypicks in bold ima cassette thing cassette [1983] music to do the… Read More »Ima Hitt


long-standing corporate label, home of a bevy of mainstream artists in a wide swag of commercial genres, with a catelogue stretching back to 1985 and focused on jazz, roots, r’n’b and country (with some outlet into pop and rock). in… Read More »Pagan

Lil Chief

at the forefront of new zealand independent pop in the 00s is lil chief records, a small, but firmly established label maintained by [the tokey tones] scott mannion and [the brunettes] jonathan bree. lil chief estasblished their name and chirpy… Read More »Lil Chief


specialist independent label that dates back to 1977, distributing a wide assortment of moari, reggae, roots, alternative and womans music – particularly noteable are the excellent early 1980s post-punk releases of the freudian slips, the bizarre avant garage and charlotte… Read More »Jayrem