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Corpus Hermeticum

bruce russell’s (of the dead c, gate et al) lyttleton based label, putting out limited edition, gate-fold cds for a number of bands both nz and overseas, to a primarily overseas market. their contact point and available discography is documented on russell and paul collett’s noise as website – an invaluable resource which is also the main site for information and ordering details from peter stapleton’s medication and metynomic labels.
essentially a continuation of russell’s xpressway label of the 80s, but with an even more acerbic catelogue of dark underground music from such artists as a handful of dust, greg malcolm, sandoz lab technicians, and overseas artists thurston moore (of sonic youth), flying saucer attack and new french outfit pheromone.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • le jazz non [1997?]

contact details
if available

  • noise as’s corpus hermeticum mini-site [official website]
  • bruce russell [label head / email contact]
  • +64 3 328-9276[fax number]
  • corpus hermeticumrn
  • po box 124rn
  • lyttelton,rn
  • new zealand [postal address]

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