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High Tension House


Hamish Noonan’s underground and experimental tape (and the occasional lathe-cut 7″) label from the late 90’s that featured projects from the likes of Nick Hodgson (as a member of Montessori), Charles Horn, (the late) Richard Neave and other Post-Corpus artists, primarily based in Christchurch.

The ‘Bwmolocoi’ is actually named with a series of non-English characters and apparently means ‘Those Who Lurk Around Altars Picking Up Scraps Of Food’.

Compilation Discography

  • Bwmolocoi 7″ and cassette [HTH021]

Contact Details

  • Hamish Noonan
  • PO Box 6283
  • Dunedinrn
  • New Zealand [postal address]



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