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Record Labels

Arch Hill Recordings

Biography Small Auckland-based independent label that sprung up out of Flying Nun Records Record’s corporate changes in the late 90’s and run by (former Superette bassist) Ben Howe to release material for his own band Fang, along with associated other… Read More »Arch Hill Recordings


Xpressway was formed by Bruce Russell in 1985 to release his then-fledgling Christchurch band the Dead C, live archival recordings from This Kind Of Punishment and the debut solo material from Alastair Galbraith. Over the course of the next 23… Read More »Xpressway

Industrial Tapes

small auckland-based home-taping label from the early / mid 80s that formed an important part of the underground development of new zealand – particularly industrial and punk-edged bands (marie and the atom, skeptics, flak etc).started by paul lurker of phantom… Read More »Industrial Tapes

Out of Kilter

Biography Christchurch based Out of Kilter records was formed in 2005 by young local scene stalwart Will Edmonds, with additional input and assistance from Josh Black. Out of Kilter as an entity encompassed hosting and promoting many live music events… Read More »Out of Kilter

Powertool Records

initially started as a method for releasing the recordings of joed out and feyodor (joed out’s ben barritt), and run by band-memberandrew maitai, the label took a step towards becoming a fully fledged independent in mid 2003 with the bands… Read More »Powertool Records

8 Dec Records

Short-lived Wellington lathe-cut label associated with Campbell Kneale’s Airport, the members of Fever Hospital and Paul Solly.

Flying Nun Records

The independent label that put New Zealand Music on the map. From Roger Shephard’s formation of the label in 1980 through to now, Flying Nun has been a mark of creative, quirky, inventive music with a distinct kiwi flavor.

Failsafe Records

Biography Rob Mayes’ mighty Failsafe Records, a committed independent label that is as part of Christchurch as a warm Nor-Wester. The original home of many Christchurch bands who went on to big things, as well as a great many undiscovered… Read More »Failsafe Records