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Arc Life

Excellent ‘home-grown’ indie formed by the arc life trust, an arts organization that formed out of the arc cafe in central dunedin. releasing a number of aptly titled compilations each year (usually with a specific focus, i.e. ‘arc life’ was a live album, ‘arc beats’ more electronically-aimed and accompanied by a cook book.. of all things).

They’ve been a brilliant resource to up and coming musicians in the south, releasing loving-produced small run release and promoting them from the cafe, and allowing musicians free-access to their in-house studio (above the cafe itself). now run by mike hex (of the hiss explosion) and featuring a plethora of different artists on their quickly growing catalog (Mestar, Cloudboy / Demarnia Lloyd, Bible Black, Sola Monday, David Kilgour etc etc).

Sadly in early 2004, label coordinator Mike Brassell (aka the well-loved Mikey Hex, lo-fi legend and member of squirm, the Hiss Explosion, Ape Management etc) passed on, leaving studio engineer Thom Bell to take over the reins of the studio. I had the privilege of interviewing Mike in January 2004, and organized the Christchurch memorial to him, which was well attended by friends, band-mates, and loved ones (and followed up by an even larger scale event in Dunedin).

Compilation Discography

  • music of dunedin [1998 arc001]
  • arclife [1999 arc005]
  • flying way too high [2000 arc007]
  • arc beats cd and cookbook [2001 arc011]

Contact Details

  • Arc Cafe website [official website]
  • Arc Cafe manager email [email contact]
  • +64 3 474-5135 [phone number]
  • +64 3 474-1135 [fax number]
  • Arc cafe, 135 high St, Dunedin, New Zealand

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