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Chirpy pop trio who started out in Dunedin and have since moved north to wellington. releasing albums through Arclife Records and Yellow-Eye, they’ve had a distinctly independent approach to recording and distribution, despite significant popularity on the b-net stations across new zealand.

Forever associated with the Cloudboy crew, lead singer / guitarist John White toured Europe with the band at the release of their debut album. White is flanked by Stefan Bray (vocals, bass) and Ian Wilson (drums).


  • John White
  • Stefan Bray
  • Ian Wilson


  • Mestar (1998, Arclife Records, ARCLIFE003)
  • Steamer EP (2000, Arclife Records, ARCLIFE009)
  • Porcupine (2002, Yellow-Eye, EYE020)
  • Shut the Squizwot Factories Down (2006, Arch Hill Recordings, AHR023)


  • Discogs entry

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