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Michael J. Hex


The solo recording alias of Michael Brassell, former member of Christchurch lo-fi legends Squirm, and future Hiss Explosion front-man. Brassell (who used the Hex pseudonym for many of his make-shift bands) formed the Noseflute label to release the classic 1995 debut Johnnie Horse – a scattered and thoroughly charming lo-fi oddity that shines well beyond the grit of his determined 4-track recordings.

In February 2004 the Hiss Explosion played a show at Creation – this would end up being Mike’s final Christchurch performance as sadly Michael John Brassell – who was a well-loved member of the New Zealand underground music scene, passed away from a sudden bout of pneumonia in early 2004.

Prior to the show I had the good fortune of interviewing Mike, and after his passing I was involved in a loving tribute show for Mike.


  • Johnnie Horse (1996, Noseflute)
  • ‘So happy’/’Get yourself out’/’Black shadow’/’Invisible’ 8″ lathe-cut EP (1997, Noseflute)
  • The Hiss Explosion (1998, Noseflute)
  • Are You Hexperienced (1999, Noseflute)
  • Lino (2000, Noseflute)


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