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Hiss Explosion


Excellent two-man band that evolved out of old-school Christchurch Lo-Fi pioneers Squirm featuring Mike Hex (aka Mike Brassell, the head honcho of the Arc Life record label at the time) on guitar, backed by Peter Mitchell.

Hex moved the two-piece south to Dunedin in the early 00’s, and continued to be a pioneer of the south island Lo-Fi scene, incorporating simple delay techniques, open chords and melodic singing to create a beautifully sparse sound.

2002’s 66 was perhaps the finest example of Hex’s style, and one of the finest albums of the year.

Sadly, Mike Brassell passed away in early 2004, a victim of sudden illness.

A memorial gig was crafted in his honor in both Christchurch, and his adopted home of Dunedin.

Along with Fleur De Lis, I put together the Christchurch memorial for Mike, and many great bands played, giving their respects to a great man.

A short detailing of mike’s creative life and a summation of the night can be found here.


  • Mike Brassell (Guitar/Vocals, 199? – 2004)
  • Pete Mitchell (Drums, 199? – 2004)




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