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Brian Crook

brian crook has had a long and varied career in the new zealand underground scene. initially as a guitarist in seminal christchurch post-punk outfit scorched earth policy in the early to mid 1980s, then with the max block, and as a guitarist in the 2nd coming of the legendary terminals, along with various other appearance with many of peter stapleton‘s and kim pieters many improvisational outfits, though most know of crook (and his partner maryrose) for the band they formed together in late 1980s christchurch – the renderers.
the renderers found their voice (closest description would be something along the lines of gritty kiwi country with explosive noisy tendencies) in mid 1990s dunedin, and in between albums brian recorded the diverse and somewhat fractured solo debut bathysphere on stapleton/pieters excellent medication label. though the renderers reputation continued to rise outside of their home-country with the release of the critically acclaimed dream of the sea – they were still something of a cult act in new zealand, so crooks’ follow-up debut (released under the new bible black moniker) went unheard as an under-aknowledged jem.


picks in bold

  • bathysphere [medication med003] rn

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