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Stink Magnetic


Fantastic DIY record label formed by Dylan Herkes in 1999. Originating in small town Manawatu, Stink Magnetic released hand-made Cassette Tapes by a diverse array of underground New Zealand acts: “NZ garage, surf, Hawaiian industrial, experimental country disco, Spaghetti Western, esoteric trash, rap and stone-age punk bands”.

Herkes has himself been a member of many Stink Magnetic bands such as Pro Drag, The Chandeliers, and his solo project turned reborn band the Tape Men. Stink Magnetic had a studio in Rutland Street, Whanganui, and the various acts on the label were notable for their extended DIY Nation-wide tours – ‘The One-Man-Band Tour‘ was documented in a great DVD release.

Herkes relocated to Christchurch in 2009/2010, but the label continues to release new music and promote acts across the country.

The label was strongly tied to Andrew Tolley’s also-excellent Kato records, plus Whanganui venue Eye of the Night, run by the late (great) ALC5.

Artist Roster

Compilation Discography

  • Wolf Party (2010, MAG47)
  • Stink times at Castle Magnetula (2019)
  • South Pacific Surf Trash (2019, MAG61)
  • 12 1/2 Country Greats (2019)

Contact Details

  • Stink Magnetic Email (Label Email)
  • PO Box 11
  • Longburn
  • New Zealand [postal address]


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