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Delaney Davidson


Skin-hitter, accordionist, synthersizist, guitarist, bassist, trombonist, harmonica-player, musical saw-player, singer, songsmith, chef, painter & explorer…
Delaney Davidson is not very well known in his homeland of New Zealand. This eccentric world traveling troubadour left our shores as a teenager, came home for a few years in his twenties and then took off again to hone his music skills on the world stage.

Andrew Tolley (Kato Records)

He’s been living in Switzerland for most of this decade, playing as the drummer for The Dead Brothers.
That band was part garage band/gypsy waltz quartet/funeral march orchestra, & released 4-5 albums on the infamous Voodoo Rhythm record label. These styles can still be felt in Delaney’s current solo material, the latest album being this here “Rough Diamond”.

13 tracks, & a cover of Billie Holiday’s “You’ve Changed”. Maybe a lil more windswept & lonesome, maybe a lil more sparse folk & country happening when it’s just Delaney & six strings…

Andrew Tolley (Kato Records)


  • Delaney Davidson (The Brass Bed, The Dead Brothers, guitar / vocals)


  • Rough Diamond (2007, Kato Records)
  • Ghost Songs (2008, Casbah Records)
  • Self Decapitation (2010, Voodoo Rhythm)
  • Bad Luck Man (2011, Voodoo Rhythm)
  • Sad But True – The Secret History of Country Music Songwriting Volume 1 (with Marlon Williams, 2011, Lyttelton Records)
  • Sad But True Volume Two (As “The Grand Ole Hayride” with Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams and Dave Khan, 2013, Self-released)
  • Sad But True Volume 3 – Juke-Box B-Sides (with Marlon Williams, 203, Lyttelton Records)
  • Swim Down Low (2014, Outside Inside Records)
  • Diamond Dozen (2015, Squoodge Records)
  • Lucky Guy (2015, Southbound Music)
  • Devil In The Parlour: 6 Live Tracks (2016, Rough Diamond Inc)
  • Shining Day (2018, Glass Redux)
  • One Hand Loose (with Bruce Russell, 2019, Ilam Press Records)
  • Word Gets Around (w/ Barry Saunders, 2019, Rough Diamond Records)


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