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Formerly known as The Dallas Pro-Drag Allstars, Pro-Drag were a loud, hard-rocking Wellington-based Rock’N’Roll combo who put out releases on the lo-fi Stink Magnetic tape label. Band member (and Stink Magnetic label founder) Dylan Herkes described the group as ‘Hawaiian Industrial’.

Stink Magnetic seem to be disappearing from the web, however Dylan had previously uploaded a couple of the groups releases as Video’s to Vimeo. As you can tell from these clips; they’re super-fuzzed out, lo-fi recordings with virtually indecipherable lyrics – but they kick ass!



  • The 15 minute Prototype cassette (as the Dallas Pro-Drag Allstars, 1999, Kato Records / Stink Magnetic, KCD004 / MAG05)
  • Superspeed System Action Fix (as the Dallas Pro-Drag Allstars, 1999, Stink Magnetic, MAG 06)
  • Heavy Duty 7″ lathe single (as the Dallas Pro-Drag Allstars, 1999?, Stink Magnetic, MAG 10)
  • In Deep Shit cassette (2000?, Stink Magnetic, MAG 13)


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