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old synth and computer gear hound, video-game fanatic and general party-guy luke rowell. a one-man band encompassing retro-eletro synths, groove-box arrangement and fucking great beats, often based on old video games, disasteradio are a quickly ascending force in the wellington underground scene.

a short time later, at a tender age heard the fine records: hot buttered: moog hits 2, and walter carlos’s “switched on bach”. developed an fascination for the commodore 64 and its astounding output. the obsession with the modulated tone had begun. spent early teens in more rock-based listening program, and now, in a last-ditch effort to combat impending old age, luke seeks what is now lost from the childhood years.

– luke rowell

so far all his material (at least – the stuff he’s released, rumor is he has a huge unreleased archive) is freely available on the web for download – though its not quite the same as his pumping live shows. in 2004 he somehow managed to drag a ton of old gear across the country with the a low hum tours, and rumor is a commercial release might be on the way.
though a commercial release never surfaced in 2005 or 2006, the good folk at a low hum finally released the much-promised Synthtease on the back of a low hum compilation release; ensuring a pretty wide-release. in early 2006 Luke’s performance on the main stage at Camp Low Hum had to be one of the highlights of the whole event – with a MAMMOTH stage invasion, 200 enthusiastic fans jumping up and down (causing havoc with Luke’s gear, stopping the set on 2 occasions), Disasteradio! truely brought the party.


picks in bold

  • disasteradio [2002 self-released]
  • disasteradio’s system that never fails [2003 self-released]
  • dsir: dance self-instruction record [2003 self-released]
  • western digital [2004]
  • synthtease [2005 A Low Hum Included as part of Series 3, Issue 4]
  • Visions [October 2007 A Low Hum]

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