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The Rainy Days


Eclectic Auckland group with a revolving line-up based around the song-writing talents of David Graham. Their music has pushed and pulled in various different directions over the years, from punky rock’n’roll to encompass full horn sections and strings, to stripped back indie-rock line-ups. Their songs just explode with melody, crazy lyrics and noisy enthusiasm.

The Rainy Days first came together in 1992 as the members of Gestalt found themselves embattled in recording their ‘motherlode’ album and were looking for an outlet to perform live in a setting that did not require the personnel for their increasingly bizarre arrangements and strict instrumentation demanded by their principal songwriter Davy G. The drummer took the brushes, the guitar and bass went semi-acoustic and the singer took to bellowing through an orange road cone.

The Rainy Days live performances varied between teenage house parties, primary school show & tells and mostly unannounced performances at other peoples rock shows.

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From an original three the line-up ballooned to somewhere over ten. Some hung on, some were lost in the confusion, some left to find the rock mountain path, some just weren’t told about the next practice and others wandered in from the cold to fill the gaps.

Ten years on, 2 and a half EPs and a 7″ later, that era is documented on Spongo, Mummagumma, BullyBeef+ Microchips

Official Website
The Rainy Days – Dodgem

The group were closely tied to Bob Frisbee and his studio along with the similarly-unfocused group Shaft; who they shared a handful of members with.

The group reached it’s productive peak in the early to mid 2000’s, with two albums and a compilation of their earlier EP releases all put out in quick succession, along with a support slot for The White Stripes.




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