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The Osterbergs


East-Auckland garage-rock fanatics (and followers of the might Ig) The Osterbergs consisted of Paul E. Snake, Lance Strickland, Mark Jones and Shirley Charles by the time of the only release.

According to the liner notes “With the successful implantation of Jules on the bass guitar the Osterbergs have mutated into a five headed beast called ‘Freak Power'”.

Cover for Freak Power (from Switched Out)

The group also contributed a track Loaded Tapes ‘Unloaded’ compilation in 1989, alongside Chainsaw Masochists, S.P.U.D. etc.


  • Lorna (Drums, 198?)
  • Mac Quitz (Guitar, 198?)
  • Paul E. Snake (Bass / Vocals, 198? – 199?)
  • Lance Strickland (Guitar, 198? – 199?)
  • Mark Jones (Guitar, 198? – 199?)
  • Shirley Charles (Drums, 198? – 199?)


  • Freak Power (1990 Onslaught Records)


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