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Alpaca Brothers


Dunedin based outfit comprised of Nick Wilkinson, Bruce Blucher and a young Steve Cournane.

They were fast furious guitar [band] with thumping bass, made one EP and had a great song called ‘The Infinite Tick’. Later they became Trash Hotel [who recorded as just Trash] and were involved in a more theatrical chaos.. Started performing The Trash Hotel at the art gallery … infamous performance and that ended with a suspicious burglary of the art gallery.. no one found to blame.

Later Bruce and Nick wanted to take The Trash Hotel overseas and went to Thailand and bought a bar here they were to form the real “Trash Hotel” although it was short lived as the local prostitutes that wanted to protect their patch forced the boys to leave by gunpoint.

– Donald Harman (ex-Weetbix Boys)

Blucher returned to Dunedin, performing alongside Sandra Bell and in the mid-90’s outfit Cyclops. Wilkinson went way up North into obscurity, whilst Cournane joined The Verlaines, and later the skiffle group the Weetbix Boys, eventually settling in to make a living as a touring jazz musician (with the likes of C.L. Bob).


  • Bruce Bluchers (Guitar/Vocals, 1984 – 1986)
  • Nick Wilkinson (Bass/Vocals, 1984 – 1986)
  • Steve Cournane (Drums/Vocals, 1984 – 1986)
  • Paul Cahill (Guitar, 1985? – 1986)
  • Peter Gutteridge (Keyboards, 1986)
  • Ivan Purvis (Vocals, 1986)
  • Norma O’Malley (Vocals, 1986)



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