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The Dance Asthmatics


Christchurch-based 4-piece mixing up a bit of Dunedin-jangle, punk vocal attitude and Krautrock or post-punk groovy rhythms. A superb band of musically gifted individuals producing catchy and at times challenging music.

Fronted by Stephen Nouwens with the very handy Brian Feary on the drums, Joe Sampson on guitar and Ben Odering on bass. Feary and Sampson created the Melted Ice Cream label to release the bands recordings, and subsequently the label has become a big part of Christchurch’s underground music community.

In fact, New Zealand hasn’t seen this much menace and casual aggression in a band since The Gordons stalked the earth. Comparisons can also be drawn to such demented precursors as Killing Joke, Butthole Surfers, and Terminal Cheesecake. But ultimately, The Dance Asthmatics have carved a unique identity out of their country’s bedrock. And they’ve fashioned a fortress from which they can let loose volleys of devastating power.

Description of ‘A Lifetime of Secretion’ EP (Repressed Records)

Formed in 2010, with an initial demo EP on BandCamp, which they followed up with the ‘Goddammfuck’ EP in 2011.

As one of a plethora of groups that sprung up around the time of the Christchurch Earthquakes, the group played a lot of shows at house party venues (All Plastics, London Street, Pagan House). Things really picked up for the group with their ‘Lifetime of Secretion’ EP in 2015 – thanks to US distribution and reviews from a number of overseas magazines.

The sing-song speak of the lyrics are comely, homely. It adds to the goosebumps of an album that oscillates between drunken rambles and clearheaded musical ideology. But it’s that middle ground, where art and punk collide(d) that real forward thought thrusts into challenging, yet rewarding work was forged. Lifetime of Secretion feels more like a no wave forgotten gem, though the Christchurch of Dance Asthmatics is as far and intangible.

‘A Lifetime of Secretion’ EP review (Tiny Mix Tapes)




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