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Formed in 2009 and originally known as Bits and Pieces; BnP make anarchic punky noise that grabs you by the jugular.

The group were a young house party group with songs about slinging back whiskey and a whole lot of sloppy covers, however with Stephen Nouwens on vocals BnP stepped things up a notch.

‘I’m In You’ was a collection of the first songs we wrote when there were just two of us, John Harris on guitar and me with a Farfisa. As we added and lost members we progressively refined ourselves. There was a huge empty space after we recorded ‘I’m In You’, in which we didn’t give any concerts and we succumbed to the stagnation that surrounds us all. Realising that not having BnP’s was harmful to society, we wrote ‘Welcome To Mediocrity’ in weeks, then recorded it.

Stephen Nouwens (BodySpace interview)

They burst forth out of Christchurch thanks to the rise of 2nd release ‘Welcome to Mediocrity‘ on the Melted Ice Cream label, which made some waves in critical publications around the country in early 2012.

Each member of the group has been active in a variety of local Christchurch acts – as is the tradition, in fact the majority of those involved with the band have also been members The Lonely Harris Club, Doctors, The Dance Asthmatics and The Brian Tamaki Massacre.



  • I’m in you (2011, Self-Released)
  • Welcome to Mediocrity (2012, Melted Ice Cream, MIC0018)
  • Maybe she’s born with it Single (2012, Self-Released)
  • Live at AP (2012, Self-Released)
  • AA Batteries EP (2014, Self-Released)


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