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Piha Rescue

Defunct 3-piece surf-guitar covers group from Christchurch.

Formed some time around late 2009 by Che Walden (guitar), Ben Dodd (bass) and Alice Connelly (drums).

The group became quite popular at venues such as the pre-earthquake central city favorite Goodbye Blue Monday and Lyttleton surf-guitar-haven El Santo Porteno for their rough and ready, well-recognizable surf-guitar classics.

Alice Connelly ended up moving to Wellington in 2012 and has popped up as a familiar face in a few television shows and the occasional feature film. Che Walden moved to Melbourne and Ben Dodd continues to play in a huge array of local groups, most notably Avon Dads.



  • Misirlou (April 2010, self-released)
  • Live at El Santo (July 2010, self-released)
  • Shakin’ and Stompin’ (MAINZ Legit) (August 2010, self-released)
  • Happy Days! (October 2011, self-released)


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