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Doctors is the original material of Rhett Robert Elliot Copland, who was a prolific Christchurch guitarist in a number of local groups (The Stash and covers group The Free and Easy).

In 2008 Copland formed a live band to perform his material, including several musicians from local act The Lonely Harris Club (mostly a Brian Jonestown Massacre tribute act) – which Copland is also a one-time member.

Though the same handful of musicians would also appear in the original group Bits and Pieces (aka BnP), Doctors had a more slick, guitar-orientated sound and the group released a huge collection of recordings in just a short time-period.

However Copland grew frustrated with the lineup and disbanded the group in early 2012. Members have included: Rhett Copland (Neurology), Matt Sime (Psychology), John Harris (Gastroenterology), Hollan Brabet (Psychiatry), Laura Anne North (Gynecology), Jamie Stratton (Rheumatology) and Ben Dodd (Radiology).

I canned it because I was sick of working with bloody idiots who refused to learn arrangements and cancelled shows for kiwi quarter acre paradise 21st and yard glass sessions.

Rhett Copland

In late 2011 Copland formed the duo Phobos Eros; with Brian Feary on drums – this group ran parallel with Doctors for a short period, before also disappearing.

Around June 2012 Copland formed the group Shacklock Meth Party with mostly the same musicians, but then promptly disappeared from playing music, eventually deleting all of his groups recordings from the web.

I’m pretty sure we recorded the Old Meds EP on some Singstar mics I borrowed from Video Ezy.

Fun Fact.

Jamie Stratton



  • Old Meds (October 2009, self-released]
  • By Aeroplane (December 2009, self-released)
  • Save no one (November 2010, self-released)
  • Old, new and forgotten stuff (February 2011, self-released)
  • Domestic (August 2011, self-released)
  • Your a fucking pussy (October 2011, self-released)
  • ‘A’ (November 2011, self-released)
  • Back to rural violence (December 2011, self-released)
  • Happy Birthday Alice! Digital Single (March 2012, self-released)

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