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Pagan House

The Dance Asthmatics

Christchurch-based 4-piece mixing up a bit of Dunedin-jangle, punk vocal attitude and Krautrock or post-punk groovy rhythms. A superb band of musically gifted individuals producing catchy and at times challenging music.

Fronted by Stephen Nouwens with the very handy Brian Feary on the drums, Joe Sampson on guitar and Ben Odering on bass. Feary and Sampson created the Melted Ice Cream label to release the bands recordings, and subsequently the label has become a big part of Christchurch’s underground music community.

Log Recording

Also known as: – Location: 48 Lismore Street, Phillipstown Current Status: No longer a venue Active as a live music venue: 2014 – 2017 Bar Manager: Henry Nicol Bookings: – Website: Capacity: – All-Ages: House-Parties Warehouse and studio space occupied… Read More »Log Recording