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The Snares


Dunedin based avant-indie trio featuring Mike Dooley (Toy Love and Snapper – Drums) his step-daughter Maxine Funke (Guitar) and Brett Moodie (Guitar), that formed out of the Dooley / Funke duo The Beaters.

Their debut EP was a meditative production guided by Arc Life engineer (and member of David Kilgour‘s Heavy Eights) Tom Bell, whilst their follow-up Dance The Dervish is closer to a live recording, though still capturing their eclectic strengths – both released on the bands own Horrible Records (the name, not the quality) label.

The trio made waves in the states thanks to positive press on WFMU; the respected radio station naming the debut EP their release of the week:

They swing from dirgy Birthday Party-esque graveyard blues to all out scum-surf akin to fellow countrymen Chris Heazlewood or Snapper sans keyboards. It’s all very fragile and on the verge of falling apart but totally powerful, Moodie’s voice filting in and hovering about in a very instrumental way (even recalling the tension of the late great Faith Healers). Way recommended!

Brian Turner – WFMU New Bin (September 2002)

Funke and Dooley were also playing alongside Alastair Galbraith in The Hundred Dollar Band, and eventually Funke began recording her own songs in a more intimate and somewhat experimental folk style – eventually bringing The Snares (and The Hundred Dollar Band) to an end.




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  1. I’d imagine these days your best bet would be Real Groovy (in Auckland), Rough Trade (in Wellington), Galaxy Records (in Christchurch) or Records Records (in Dunedin).

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