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The Snares

Dunedin based avant-indie trio featuring Mike Dooley (Toy Love and Snapper – Drums) his daughter Maxine Funke (Guitar) and Brett Moodie (Guitar), that formed out of the Dooley / Funke duo the Beaters. The first album was a meditative production guided by Arc Life engineer (and member of David Kilgour‘s Heavy Eights), whilst their follow-up Dance The Dervish is closer to a live recording, though still capturing their eclectic strengths – both released on the bands own Horrible (the name, not the quality) label.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Something Happened On The Way To Heaven [Horrible Hr007]
  • Dance The Dervish [2004 Horrible]


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I’d imagine these days your best bet would be Real Groovy (in Auckland), Rough Trade (in Wellington), Galaxy Records (in Christchurch) or Records Records (in Dunedin).

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