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The Shallows


The Shallows were a short-lived Christchurch trio fronted by Roy Montgomery in 1985. Backed by Mick Elborado (bass) and Mary Heney (guitar / vocals) the trio recorded and self-released a sole 7″ single over a couple weeks in May, 1985. Montomery and Heney had been bandmates in The Pin Group; whilst Elborado had played with Heney in Scorched Earth Policy.

The single was the result of a $750 government arts grant – the group laid out their exact expenses on the inside sleeve of the single:

Multiple guitars working off each other, sublime dual vocals by Roy Montgomery and Heney with the vaguely optimistic suggestion that “the night might take your disease away,” and hopeful refrain, “tomorrow’s another day…”

Kiran Dass – Southern Psychedelic Moment: An Ode to Mary Heney and Peter Stapleton

The result is a chiming pop rock number; which they augmented with a low-cost music video, which features scene’s of 1985 Christchurch:

Montgomery would the disappear from performing; re-emerging 5 years later in Dadamah before establish his solo career.



  • ‘Suzanne Said’ / ‘Trial By Separation’ ‎7″ single (1985, self-released, SUZ001)


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