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christchurch disco/death metal with a long history and a vast array of albums. paul (drums), scott (guitar and vocals), vaughn (bass and vocals) and kezz (guitars). matt alien (of the black panthers – of which vaughn was also a member) was a one-time member.
picks in bold

  • organ splatter demo [1992]
  • vomit descreetly demo [1993]
  • things that make you go demo [1993]
  • crunchy frog single [1994]
  • not so famous game show themes [1995]
  • playtime for the sex machine [1996]
  • the sound of yellow [1999 suffocating discs sd001]
  • 69 minutes of self abuse [2000]
  • demo disc [2002]
  • blood bucket [2005]

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