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House of Dolls


Post punk group formed by (English ex-pat) Kit Lawrence and his partner, Marie Paynter (aka Marie Celeste) in 2002 while based in Berlin, Germany. The duo had previously played in London-based hardcore groups Idols Cracked Like Ice and Clicks before settling in Celeste’s hometown of Christchurch in late 2003.

During 2004 the duo connected with Nick Hodgson of the Shocking Pinks and became part of what would be the Pinks 2nd live line-up, whilst recording their own songs as a 2-piece. Utilising programmed drums and a sparse, studio-based sound, with a strong Joy Division influence shining through on songs like ‘Laugh Out Loud‘:

House of Dolls – Laugh Out Loud

By May 2005 House of Dolls had added Kris Taylor (Leper Ballet) as their live drummer and eventually Fraser Austin (Frase and Bri) completed the line-up as their live bassist.

Over the course of 2005 the group recorded and self-released 2 EPs, including a live recording. Their live following would gradually expand, but things really took off when the core duo of Lawrence and Celeste started performing electro rave music under the name Pig Out, with both groups performing concurrently for a period.



  • House of Dolls EP (2005, self-released)
  • Live EP (2005, self-released)


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