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Hawaii Five-0


Mid to late 90’s Christchurch band known for their organ sound and catchy singles, and as the starting point for Annabel Alpers – aka Bachelorette. ‘Hurricane Bob’ won a bFM music award as the best unreleased song in New Zealand.

Both release were Peter King Lathe Cut 7″ singles put out on the tiny independent Beat Atlas also the home of the terrific Barnard’s Star, along with Up Periscope, Lesley Speaker and Luna (not the UK group).

Unfortunately they never released any further recordings (except for an appearance on the Dollar Mixture compilation and on ‘Indie Hit Disc #6’), and disbanded in the late 90s. The recordings don’t appear to be available online currently.



  • Speed of Weed’/’Soda Stream’/’The Salem Stranger‘ 7″ lathe cut single (1998, Beat Atlas, BEAT004)
  • Hurricane Bob’/’Fry’/’Kingpin‘ 7″ lathe cut single (1998, Beat Atlas, BEAT005)


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