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The early 1980’s solo recording alias of Kevin Smith – who went on to find fame as an actor with the character Ares in the Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princes franchises before his life was tragically cut short.

Smith recorded and released a series of lo-fi underground rock cassettes, often with Pat Faigan (aka Duane Zarakov – later of Space Dust, King Loser etc) and Steve Watson – initially as part of The Picnic Boys collective and later as a member of Say Yes to Apes, who self-recorded and released a variety of lo-fi DIY releases on their own TV Eye label.

Hyphen-Smythe – Running Table

Hyphen-Smythe was Kevin Smith’s solo alias – recordings by Steve Watson went by the name Legacy of Ears, hence why the combination of Smith and Watson used the combined Hyphen-Ears – but it was the full band line-up of Say Yes to Apes that Smith, Faigan and Watson are most known for.

Faigan has gone on record that he believes Smiths later cassette ‘Bad Ass’ is one of the best of the TV Eye releases – he was unable to participate in the recordings, sick in bed in the adjoining room as Steve Watson assisted Smith in committing his songs to tape. Smith’s songs are quite folky – reflecting his interest in singer-songwriters like Gordon Lightfoot.

Kevin Smith lost his life with injuries sustained from a fall while filming a movie in China in February 2002.



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