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TV Eye

Short-lived independent tape-label primarily focused around the recordings of the late Kevin Smiths’ Say Yes To Apes (who feature on every one of their compilations), along with Smith (who played solo as Hyphen-Smythe), label head Steve Watson (Legacy Of Hearing) and their other bands comprised of members Pat Faigan (aka Duane Zarakov), Tim Mcleod, Phil Howe and others – mainly the Picnic Boys and the Smith/Watson duo Hyphen-Ears.

Compilation Discography
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  • Werdicats Cassette [1983 Tveye006]
  • I Just Flew In From Invercargill, And Boy Are My Arms Tired! Cassette [1984 Tveye009]
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Legacy of Ears

legacy of ears was the alias of steve watson, a member of the collective behind the picnic boys and say yes to apes, who put out some tape releases on their tv eye label in the early 1980s. legacy of ears later joined with kevin smiths’ hyphen-smythe alias to form the hyphen-ears duo.
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